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This track here is not a song, nor a tune. It is a sound. A sound compiled by satanists in the early 12th century to open a door to hell to willingly given their souls to Lucifer. A sound used in 13th centure Europe during Excorisms to open the gates of hell in order to send the demon within someone back to its origins. This track is a danger to play for when it opens the gates of hell, it allows demons to enter wherever you are. Play at your own risk!!! There are certain “safe” zone where this track will not play at all and these zones are usually holy places such as churches where demons would not dare to lurk.

Truly horrifying.


should i play it I’m honestly scared

>people that are too scared to play it


this is the most intense For Glory match I’ve ever played

Important things to consider with your OCs:


  • How they would react upon accidentally walking into a glass door
  • Their reaction to having their name spelt wrong on a Starbucks drink
  • What kind of vines they would make
  • Their reaction to your favourite character
  • How they would play The Sims
  • What their finishing move would be





Harley is a gift from God.

This is why Harley is like my all time favorite!

Why did they leave out the best part of this scene?;





The character development of Harley is probably one of the better things DC has done with their characters.

oh. well, shit


We’re up all night to get spoopy


we’re up all night to get spoopy


we’re up all night to get spoopy


we’re up all night to get spoopy


Me: I feel like drawing
Me: I should draw
Me: I'm gonna draw
Me: *plays videogames for 6 hours, then goes to sleep*
Please read.

I really just don’t have the best luck with these things. I should never have gotten into it, to be honest.

In response to the clamor over the artist Mike Inel that I reblogged about… What, a week ago or so? He’s the popular artist over “what if gravity Falls” was an anime?” cartoon. A lot of people reblogged his post just to debunk it. Well, I’ve gotta say that…

While the original post claiming that he was a disgusting artist was poorly written (in the sense that it had no proof), he was, sadly, telling the truth. The main thing I’m here to show is this website with links to Mike Inel’s nsfw accounts. If you want to see, please be warned there are some very sexually explicit drawings and animations on the websites. particularly, the third and forth links is what I bring to attention.

They showsexually suggestive actions between Gumball (from the amazing world of gumball) and his mother. In other words, child incest. I… Actually got a bit sick while looking through it, only because I was so, so very wrong about my own defense.

Anyone with a stronger stomach can look through it, but the evidence is there, plain and clear. I beg my followers to reblog this post, to show that those claims about Mike Inel were true. It is very out of the way, however it’s still there. It’s not just public information.






a commissioner of mine really likes how their pic is turning out

it’s so nice to see someone get really excited over my art ahh„,


Okay I’m here to comment about how much this pisses me off. (Not you being upset, but the lack of gratitude in return when you complete a commission)

Like hey, I get it. This is a business! They give you money, you give them art- and I guess one can argue that’s all that’s needed. A ‘thank you’ is just a common courtesy everyone should do, but damn, for an artist and a writer, it’s a big deal to get something more.

DO you like it? Is there something I can improve on? What parts do you like, or don’t you like? Help me expand as an artist/writer so that I may do better in the future. There needs to be /more input/, but damn I have seen so many occasions where an artist will draw something for someone and they get a like… and that’s it.

Ryn has drawn gifts for people, and they just click the heart button and that’s it. Or they’ll reply with ‘thanks’ rather than reblog it.
Same goes with FurA. Friends of mine talk about how they’ll do a commission, send in the final work- they get the money and the person faves the picture and… that’s it. No thanks, no clarification that they like it, no request to put it up on their FurA.
I have a friend who does written commissions and this one person didn’t like or reblog it, and had stated they liked it only after my friend shot them an ask…….. and then later admitted to not liking it over some very trivial reason that could have easily been taken care of through the wonders of ~*~*~*communication*~*~*~

It’s really not going to kill anyone to be a touch more vocalized when it comes to commissions/gifts

Whale, you sassy Banette, you can’t always get what you want. Stop giving your dad that pouty face young lady.For this chump who won my giveaway a while back. Congrats, dude!

Whale, you sassy Banette, you can’t always get what you want. Stop giving your dad that pouty face young lady.

For this chump who won my giveaway a while back. Congrats, dude!